Wallpaper adventure - RICE & Eijffinger

We are bubbling and just sooo happy! Let us introduce you to the new RICE adventure: RICE wallpapers in cooperation with Dutch Eijffinger!

This adventure started some time ago, and we have spent a lot of time finding the right prints with the RICE vibe combined with exclusive material and funkiness… It’s a whole new world for us, and we are just so excited about this new adventure!  With new wallpaper you can easily change the atmosphere in your house – it’s like a magic wand… in no time you can create a very special room! We call it Everyday Magic on your walls! 

When we had to select the wallpapers we agreed that every single piece had to be special – something we really loved! The result is playful, funky and colorful… 

Swallow wallpaper RICE Eiffinger

The beautiful swallow wallpaper is based on a hand painted print by a friend used in a previous collection… We just couldn’t forget the atmosphere it create when surrounded by these birds… 

Colorful dot Wallpaper RICE Eiffinger

Even though we love all the new wallpaper, the dapper dots must be one of the favorites… Our freelance designer Joëlle made these cute paint dots now turned into colorful wallpaper! 

Gold dot wallpaper RICE Eiffinger

The golden dot-wallpaper is so playful – we love gold, glitter and dots, and combined it just creates so much happiness! 

Now you might ask where to buy these beauties – first, you will find all the prints right here and then you can locate a store in your country by sending an email to export@eijffinger.com (Customers in The Netherlands and Belgium can contact verkoop@eijffinger.com). 

Visit our imagebank to see more of our  magical and colorful RICE wallpaper