Brand new prints

Our brand new prints from the all new AW18 collection

Our favorites

Happy campers

A lovely selection of animals camping and having fun...

Butterfly Print

Say hello to all the flimsy butterflies!

Swimster Print

Say hello to all the swimsters!

Leaf Print

We are the graceful palm leaves - oh so elegant and classic

Sailor Print

I am the dashing sailor print - inspired by vintage swimming trunks...

Flower print

I am the happy embroidered flower print


I am a very proud stripe - inspired by olden times cushions found in grandmothers homes.

Solid melamine

Melamine plays a big role at RICE. We love this material...

Kiss print

We love these lips - we love kissing...

Circus Print

The circus is coming to town...

Ceramic news

Welcome to our latest ceramic news!

Heart print

Our sweethearts - Melamine cups, plates and bowls with heart print..

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