RICE-up projects

RICE takes an active part in developmental and emergency aid around the world. This is because we firmly believe that:

"No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone".

A special RICE way of making a difference in the lives of some people is the RICE-up products. When you buy one of these products we donate financial support to development and aid projects in third world countries.

At RICE we support developmental projects that we truly believe in and projects that touches our hearts. Among these are the RICE School project in Burma/Myanmar, and the Lakshya project in India.

We also donate money to charity projects, because we know that our donations will have a derectly affect on the people we wish to help.

We choose to cooperate with highly qualified organisations that are experts in the field of development and emergency aid. And we are proud to support their efforts at making a difference.

One-2-One projects

At the moment RICE supports the Danish Hospital Clowns with a One-2-One project.

RICE has previously cooperated with the Danish Refugee Council on the One-2-One projects Cups Full of Hope and Spoons Full of Hope.

One-2-One means that RICE make charity donations whenever we sell a product connected to the project. These products are our RICE-up products, and designed specifically for the purpose of donations.

At RICE we like this way of donating charity, because it raises people’s awareness of the issues we are dealing with. For example, the Spoon Full of Hope project have focused on preventing starvation among African refugees in Darfur and Sudan.

RICE supports Danish Hospital Clowns

The hospital Clowns task is to make the hospitalization for kids a Little easier to get through. Humor and close personal presence makes room for hapiness and allows the kids to be just that... kids, in spite of being seriously ill.

This Work is done every day at the pediatric wards on Danish hospitals, by 30 Hospital Clowns. This is a job that makes so much sense!

When you buy our red-dotted cups and plates, together we provide a Financial contribution to the Danish Hospital Clowns.

Our second Spoon Full of Hope project

It was launched in 2009 and donates 24 servings of soup to starving refugee families in Mogadishu, every time we sell a Spoon Full of Hope.

The first Spoon Full of Hope project

Was launched in 2008 and provided families with a kitchen set, consisting of a cooking set, a storage container for food, and plates, spoons, bowls and cups for five persons. Being able to keep and cook food means a lot to a family on the run. Some people even managed to start a small catering business in a corner of a refugee camp.

We sold 7,200 spoons, and because of our lovely costumers and stockists we were able to help 36,000 people with this project. 

The Cups Full of Hope project

Was launched in 2009 and focused on how to secure families with a basic prerequisite for survival; water.

For a family on the run, the ability to collect and keep water is crucial for survival, and being able to bathe and wash improves chances of avoiding decease and infections.

Every time we sold a set of specially designed Cups Full of Hope, we donated a 20 litres jerry can, and a wash kit to a refugee family in Africa.

10,000 sets were produced, and they are all sold out, which means that we have helped 10,000 families.

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Fundraising for the Danish Red Cross

During 2009 Charlotte was a part of the Danish Red Cross Club 10 fundraising network. The network consists of 10 of Denmark’s most creative personalities, working to raise money for Danish Red Cross projects.

Fundraising event

Charlotte and RICE arranged a fundraising event on October 3rd 2009.

We had an experimental outlet with sales and stalls, music and mingling, food and drinks and activities for everyone.

Local businesses came to offer their services and donate the income, and friends and family helped us make it an unforgettable day and a great contribution to the Danish Red Cross.

The event was a big success, and we were able to raise 265,000 dkk or 35,600 EUR.

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See our video about RICE Fundraising - Red Cross Event: