RICE school in Myanmar

School is something one might take for granted here, but it is clearly not the case for the children in Myanmar, who lost their schools in the unfortunate disaster.
I believe that education is essential for children to develop their personal and social skills, find opportunities in their lives and to learn about democracy and human rights. We will very much like to take this opportunity to make a difference in many lives of these children and one of the ways will be in building a school for them
Commented Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau from RICE.

RICE believes that every child has the right to go to school. So we are going to make sure that the children in Sar Chett can.

School in Sar Chett
Since January, 2010 RICE has been cooperating with the Danish refugee Council on building a school in Sar Chett, a small village in the southern part of Burma/Myanmar – an area that was struck hard by the cyclone Nargis in May 2008.

To finance this project, RICE designed a number of Lunch Boxes and Melamine products with school prints on - every time you buy one of these items - we will donate 50% of the turnover to the project. This way, you help us send a child to school.

The actual building was finished the last week of January 2011. Consisting of 3 classrooms and 4 latrines, the school is soon ready to house children from Sar Chett and 5 other, neighboring villages. So now the job of providing materials and running the school begins.

The school will not only provide schooling for 672 children, but will also function as a safe shelter for the villagers as well as a place to gather.

The foundation of the building is strong enough to withstand natural disasters like a cyclone, and can withstand flooding, strong wind and other extreme weather conditions.

See our video on the school project: