Danish Hospital Clowns

Every other child will experience hospitalization of longer or shorter duration of time. When a child is admitted it enters an unknown and sometimes scary grown-up world. The Hospital Clown takes the child by the hand when it needs it the most, helping the child to cope with the whole situation and the treatments. 

The work of the Danish Hospital Clowns is dependent on donations. The donated funds ensures the presence of professional clowns on pediatric wards in Danish hospitals.

About the Hospital Clown

The purpose of the Hospital Clowns is to make the hospitalization for long term hospitalized kids a little easier to get through, by simply offering the child its sheer presence. Humor and close personal presence make room for happiness and allow the child to be just that: a child – in spite of serious illness.

The clowns also fill the role of being a confidant for the little patients. Lots of thought goes through the heads of these children and they are not always so easy to talk about with the family.This work is done every day at the pediatric wards in Danish hospitals.

This is a job that makes so much sense!

RICE and the Danish Hospital Clowns

For years we have supported various projects in 3rd world countries, but it is important to remember that sometimes help is needed right where you are. This year Rice supports the Danish Hospital Clowns

We have designed melamine cups and plates – with big red dots to illustrate the Hospital Clowns’ nose.

When you buy a package of 4 melamine cups or 4 plates, together we provide a financial contribution to the Danish Hospital Clowns.

No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone.