Global Compact

RICE supports the Global Compact, and uses it as a guideline for doing business responsibly.

Global Compact is a UN initiative promoting good business behaviour, by defining ten principles within the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-corruption.

The objective of Global Compact is to include businesses in sustainable development all over the world, by mainstreaming good business behaviour and creating networks of cooperation on achieving UN development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.

It is a simple and logical system and we think it is an achievable vision, that we are proud of being a part of.

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10 principles:

  • Support and respect human rights
  • Prevent human rights abuses
  • Uphold freedom of association and respect workers right to collective bargaining
  • Not use forced and compulsory labour
  • Not use child Labour
  • No discrimination based on race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, social origin, age, disability, HIV/AIDS status, trade union membership, and sexual orientation
  • Take a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  • Promote greater environmental responsibility
  • Encourage and apply environmentally friendly technology
  • Accept no corruption

By joining the Global Compact, RICE commits to:

  • Applying the Global Compact principles as a management tool
  • Participating in developmental projects that aims at achieving the Millennium Development Goals
  • Producing an annual report about the work RICE does to improve workers conditions and promote development in the third world countries
  • Spreading the knowledge about Global Compact
  • Supporting Global Compact developmental projects financially

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