Kids' products

There is so much fun and play waiting in our colorful kids’ tableware, storage, decoration and play items. We want to make you feel safe when you make dinner and let your kids play with hobby horses, plastic dinosaurs or balloon ball buddies. Many of our kids’ products are intended for food and beverages, and we use a lot of resources staying on top of the latest rules and regulations. Our entire products intended for food and beverages are tested food safe according to EU standards. All our products meet EU standards.    

The quality of our RICE melamine is the highest available and this is of great importance to us.  Our melamine products are approved by DVFA and tested food safe. Bisphenol A and phthalates are not used in the production of our products, and therefore RICE products does not contain these materials. 

Please note! Not all RICE cutlery is suited for small children - please note the use and care symbols on the products

Read more about RICE melamine here.

Our beautiful handmade ceramics for kids are made in Portugal. Ceramics are more fragile than melamine when used as kids’ tableware, but of course you can use the ceramics for everyday use and put it in the dishwasher. 

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We have a large selection of raffia products for kids – all for great storage at the kids room. Raffia fibers come from palm fronds which truly thrive on Madagascar. One of the first products made by RICE was a basket in this great material.

Kids will have so much fun with our play items. We have funky dinosaurs, soap bubbles, whoopee cushions and much more! No more dull moments in the kids' room! Our play items address different ages and you might consider when to introduce your kids to small objects, e.g. balloons or crayons.