At RICE many of us share a passion for food and all good things in life. With this in mind our Ceramic tableware was a natural extension of our product line.


RICE Ceramic Tableware is a beautiful mix of handmade ceramics made in Portugal. We believe a colorful table setting lifts the spirit and adds to everyday magic moments.


Our ceramic tableware is made of earthenware. With earthenware it is possible to obtain nice bright colors, but the clay is more fragile than other types such as porcelain or stoneware and should be treated accordingly. Earthenware will chip when roughly handled.


Our oven dishes are made of stoneware. Stoneware is fired at very high temperatures, hardening the clay so it is suitable for oven use. Stoneware cannot obtain as bright colors as earthenware.

There are only a few precautions you should follow to get the most out of your stoneware items:

  • Please don’t expose the oven dishes for more than 240 degrees Celsius
  • Never put the oven dishes straight from the freezer and into the oven as the thermal shock might cause it to crack

Please know...

All our ceramic items are dishwasher safe.

Every item is glazed after the painting is done - on some items you will find small holes in the glazing. This cannot be avoided and it presents no danger to the durability of the product.

Furthermore, over time small cracks on the ceramics surface might appear. This should be expected when buying beautiful handmade ceramics - and we actually believe that it makes every piece unique…

Ceramic tableware: