Happy Home Outside - Everyday Magic for outdoor life…

Take a seat… grab a chair… let’s have a cup of tea, relax and get inspired! 

Charlotte Gueniau, the founder and Creative director of RICE, takes the magic outside in her book “Happy Home Outside - Everyday magic for outdoor life”. 

The new book is Charlotte’s fifth book altogether… With “Happy Home Outside” Charlotte brings humor, more colors and more happiness to everyday outdoor life by showing how outdoor spaces can offer a change in pace from the humdrum of day-to-day life… 

“Outdoor spaces are an opportunity to reconnect with oneself and those around us! Charlotte shows how 
sharing special moments outdoors goes well beyond simply eating and drinking… Whether it’s engaging in sport activities, hosting a movie night or making pizza from scratch, Charlotte’s simple yet imaginative ideas within these pages left me inspired to spend more time outdoors with those I love” (Foreword by Will Taylor 
– www.brightbazaarblog.com) 

Stay happy outside in… and inside out! 

“Happy Home Outside” by Charlotte Gueniau is published by Jacqui Small. The foreword is written by Will Taylor of www.brigtbazaarblog.som and author of Bright.Bazaar: Embracing Colour for Make-You-Smile Style. 

Happy Home Outside by Charlotte Hedemann Guenieau