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Here you can find an overview of our latest catalogues. Flip through them to get into that RICE feeling.

We hope to colour you happy when you are washing, cleaning, baking and relaxing in your home - and inspire you to new ways to use our products.

Take a tour in pages filled with Everyday Magic!


High Summer 2018 collection | RICE

Everyday Magic porcelain 2018

Welcome this brand-new and unique porcelain series – truly a must-have! Made in Portugal – ensuring durability and long-lasting quality!

Set your table with fun, funky, and functional porcelain made for your everyday… Adding that magic feeling on weekdays or when you throw that funky party… Stylish porcelain with a dash of color and mat gold details all over… Please welcome swirls, embossed details, hand painted leopards, and funky cockatoos. A delight to the eye and a showstopper at any table!

Your new porcelain is likely to last a long time and it all goes in the dishwasher, you can heat it in the microwave or oven – and you can store leftovers in your freezer for busy weekdays.

Create your own unique combo – no table setting will look like yours! Our wish is to add new items and prints every year - so you can start collecting now.

From breakfast to afternoon tea and great dinners… We are here to serve you! #everydaymagic #everydaymagicporcelain

See and order all the Porcelain 18 products online here


High Summer 2018 collection | RICE

High Summer 2018

When you spend most of your days in the Northern hemisphere the longing for summer gets very deep and intense. I love the change of seasons, and I can always find good reasons why THIS particular moment is my favorite.

Say HI to High Summer - we love you because… it is time to live the easy and relaxed life - bring out color and flash some tanned skin. It’s really taking the whole EAT DRINK BOOGIE REPEAT to the next level.

In Denmark summer makes everyone more relaxed and more prone to improvised bbq’s and picnics. We love to join every gathering, picnic, and party with our colorful and fun products… always ready to deliver everyday magic and take your summer to a new high.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

Warm greetings

See and order all the High Summer 18 products online here


Autumn Winter 2017 - released 1st of June

Spring Summer 2018

It's amazing how 4 words can actually capture a simple, fun, good and peaceful life.

Eat - Eat happy - eat together - eat colorfully. We have everything you could possibly wish for if you want to set a great table - cook a fabulous meal or organize a romantic picnic. We are right here to sprinkle some Everyday Magic over every meal you make.

Drink - My 16 year old daughter Selma has designed her first prints for RICE. A gorgeous pattern with lots of tempting drinks and some fabulous watercolor cocktails. We have built a small cocktail story around her prints. We want to inspire you to let it all loose and throw that fun party.

Boogie! - Remember to Dance. Shake’n’move your body - it helps against everything and anything! It is such a great stress reliever... loosen yourself and feel the tensions just melt away.

Repeat! - Just do it all again... it's simply love, joy and goodness... and you can never get too much of that.

Warm regards, Charlotte and the super RICE team

See and order all the Spring Summer 18 products online here


Autumn Winter 2017 - released 1st of June

High Winter 2017

It's time to cuddle up inside…

I find that with each change of season, new opportunities come along for small changes in our daily scenery.

When winter comes we all move inside – close to the fire – and start lighting candles to get ourselves through the dark nights and very short days that we have here in Scandinavia.

This is the perfect time to take a look at your home with new and fresh eyes, as if you saw it for the very first time…

Do a big make-over, change a few things in your home, replace some baskets, add a new cushion… perhaps paint one wall
in your current favorite color. Or do a big clean up and clear out… Maybe make a theme for this winter season. Be it SHINE, GO FOR THE FUN – or perhaps choose a certain cooking theme you want to improve over the winter…

We want to help you SHINE… and wish you lots of lovely cozy days and nights...

Warm regards

See and order all the High Winter 17 products online here


Autumn Winter 2017 - released 1st of June

Autumn Winter 2017: SHINE

SHINE is my favorite word at the moment – and the title of our new collection. If you meet someone who shines from within – that is something really special… a smile helps the shine along…

What we really love at RICE is making products that make you smile, the little things that add a touch of magic and color to a grey day. It just makes sense to us.

We truly believe in color and their ability to lift you up – even the darker colors are playing a strong role at the moment. Dark blue is one of our darlings, it seems to enhance and make pastels stand out. 

Put your shine on – Stay Golden… and as always…GO FOR THE FUN. 

Big shiny smile

See and order all the Autumn Winter 17 products online here


High Summer 2017 collection - RICE

New HS17 collection

Summer News! Released today...

The High Summer 2017 collection is out!

Oooohhhhh summer… sweet sweet Summer… You are eagerly awaited. Now we just want to grab you and hold you tight… and never ever let you go…

At RICE we like to help people and we are here for you… wanting to inspire you to seize the moment and enjoy those long balmy days and nights. We want to help you make the most of it and color your days happy… and this is exactly what we can do with these High Summer 2017 products.

Just sprinkle some glitter and live a little… or preferably a lot!

Summer kisses and loads of Everyday Magic from us to you
xxx Charlotte

See and order all the High Summer 17 products online here


New SS17 collection: Today is fun…

These are the words of our Spring Summer 17 collection!

If yesterday was fun – that’s wonderful… if tomorrow will be fun that’s fabulous… but what really counts is TODAY… today…today…today…is FUN. Today is a great day… Today is the moment to BE. It sounds so easy and I know it’s true – but it still takes constant focus to live in the moment. I practice every day.

This collection is filled with products that make today fun… It’s all about these Everyday Magic moments.

For 3 days we celebrated this “Today is Fun” collection with some of our fabulous customers and amazing employees from all over the world. We had such a special and fun time, I can truly say… yesterday was FUN…with a string of Today is FUN behind…

We are all on a mission together… to wrap the world in RICE – fun, color and laughter.

Make Today Fun

Xxx Charlotte

See and order all the Spring Summer 17 products online here


High Winter 2016

The wait is over... The High Winter collection is finally here for all to see!

Take a few minutes every morning to think about what you can do to make this an extra ordinary day… Nothing is too big or too small.

Just think to yourself... What can I do for myself, for my loved ones, my colleagues… For the World even…

Our hope and wish is add a bit of color and fun to the essence of life – the everyday moments… and the moments of everyday magic.

A warm cuddly blanket… For you or your friend, a nice cup of tea in a beautiful mug, and some heavenly chocolate to nibble on.

We are firm believers in the “plaisir des yeux” – pleasure for the eyes… The combination of color and function with a bit of fun added whenever possible.

Like our Eiffel Tower lamp – it really has it all... It brings light… Makes you dream of Paris, and for me it always puts a smile to my face.

Welcome to our High Winter catalogue!

Enjoy and make sure to put the extra in…

See and order all the High Winter 16 products online here

The high winter 2016 catalogue is here. Full of colors nd lovely christmas decor. Dive in and enjoy!


Favourites catalogue 2016

Les Cheries... The Basics... Our Darling Favorites...

The ones you can’t avoid - the safe bets, the steady ones - the bread and butter.

We find many names we love and we believe that our favorites should always be the base of your RICE purchases. They are the proven bestsellers and have therefore earned their place in this catalogue. 

A product needs to earn its spot as a favorite… You will find both golden oldies and new trendsetters. Of course we can’t promise to keep them in stock forever – so make sure not to miss out on all these beauties…

Stick to a color or two – or mix it up with all the colors of the rainbow… This is your chance to shake things up…

Welcome to our Favourites 2016 catalogue!

See and order all our Favourite products


Autumn Winter 2016: Put the extra into the ordinary...

The new Autumn Winter 2016 collection is here!

What a special talent to have – if you are a person who knows how to put that little extra something into the ordinary – or to be able to see and enjoy the extra in the ordinary…

That is really what we dream of with our products. We want to be that little extra something that adds value to your everyday lives – we call it EVERYDAY MAGIC...

The items that make you smile… The colors that give you joy… The table setting that makes your heart skip a beat – even on a busy weekday.

We would like to contribute to your lives... From dusk till dawn… From baby until the end of your journey… We want to deliver happiness and colorful joy to anyone who has the ability to love the small moments and turn them into magic.

Welcome to our Autumn Winter Sweet 16 collection… Make yourself a nice cup of tea – sit back and enjoy a moment of colorful Everyday Magic with us!


 AW16 catalogue

High Summer 2016: Bright color splash!

The RICE High Summer 2016 product range has arrived! Color splashes everywhere… 

Make the most of every day. Imagine if you were a butterfly – so free and adventurous. We are here for such a short time – let’s grab every day and just go for the fun…

The amazing butterflies are hand painted by Joëlle – one of our lovely freelance designers. I love that they are now spreading their colorful wings on anything from wallpaper to paper plates, to melamine and ceramics… Breadbaskets and hand embroidered napkins...

And heeeyyyy – go on that roadtrip!

NOW…Make it happen!

 HS16 catalog frontpage link to catalog

New SS16 collection: Go for the FUN!

This Spring Summer 16 collection is called GO FOR THE FUN… Life is short, and this is really the option we should all choose whenever possible.

What’s more fun than venturing onto unknown roads with people you like to hang out with? We have dedicated a part of the collection to road trips: "Take me away on a roadtrip NOW…" - Actually I think I will ask for just THAT, for my next birthday
– that everyone gives me a road trip of some sort. I have always had a thing for road trips - big or small… a few hours at the beach or a nice long walk in the forest is also a road trip in my book.

Of course traveling across Europe or Australia for several months is the ultimate road trip, but the small everyday magic moments
and trips are also the ones that make a difference – and they are more easily accessible for everyone. Enjoy the Summer of 16 – and let’s GO FOR THE FUN!

I promise you'll find lots of great inspiration below! 

High Winter 2015
Color me hungry and happy…

In our house we have an open table policy – this means that we always have room and food for a few extra people. Sharing a meal means a lot to me and having a crowd around the table is always heartwarming.

Welcome to our latest ceramic catalogue. All handmade in Europe, and in with an improved and strong quality! We are happy to offer you a selection of seven colors that can be mixed and matched according to your mood and your food…

Our wish is to color you happy and sprinkle some Everyday Magic on your tables and your lives… Set a new type of table every day…. mixing and matching – using just one color or two... Or four… The possibilities are endless…

Wishing you all loads of happy colorful moments with food and friends…. or just a beautifully arranged tray for a nice TV dinner all by yourself… BON APPETIT!

RICE HW15 Ceramic catalogue 2015_2016


Autumn Winter 2015
Just be Awesome, In Color We Trust, Remember to Dance, Stay Playful... Those are just a small selection of the words we have been working with for some of our collections.

For this time Autumn/Winter 2015 – we want you, us and everyone else to keep all the previous words in mind, take it up a notch and Stay Outstanding...

One year ago I attended a very inspiring course in London with a good friend of mine. For three days we danced, jumped, listened and walked on burning coal together with 5000 other people from all over the world. It was run by the master of all coaching – Anthony Robbins. Once you have walked on burning coal, you feel you can do anything. But after a while you tend to forget it again...

STAY OUTSTANDING...  is really about remembering those moments where you felt strong, happy and able to take on the world and just be awesomely outstanding!