Wup Wup…

Welcome into our little section of magical RICE LIFE…
Our mission is to color you happy and bring color to your home!

RICE LIFE is all about our products, RICE everyday life – and of course – all about our lovely customers! What would RICE be without you?

Our colorful products embody everything that is RICE LIFE… and we are bubbling all the time to share our latest products with all of our lovely customers… Our RICE catalogue is our sacred book of color, where we can show, what we do, and who we are – we loooove to create the catalogue every single time, and we sprinkle it with everyday magic and loads of loving – and of course – that unique RICE feel….

Another important part of the unique RICE LIFE is our fairs… RICE is RICE because of our amazing customers! Through the fairs, we get to connect with all of you and show you personally, what we live and breathe for… Every season we move our showroom all over the world to be at a fair near you… And we love it!

Our latest addition to the RICE family and our RICE LIFE is our baby sister, RICETERIA – a combined café and RICE shop. The RICETERIA is such a great way to meet our customers in a totally relaxed environment. Come in and sip a nice cup of coffee or a hot chocolate in the middle of colorful and sparkling RICE products and experience, what color does to your mood…

RICE is NICE and today is fun… Check out what RICE LIFE is all about…



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