Make your everyday easier and more fun with our silicone products in beautiful colors. We have different types of silicone products for every occasion – straws, bowls, lids, tableware etc…

All our silicone products intended for food and beverages are tested food safe and meet the requirements of Danish and EU laws and regulations. Our silicone products are suitable for the microwave and dish washer. Of course, our silicone baking moulds are also oven safe.

Silicone products for children:
The silicone material makes the products durable for children. The material is soft to hold and bite in, which makes it easier for the little ones to learn how to eat. Our silicone is of the highest quality, is reusable, and free of bisphenol A and phthalates - practical and functional - and at the same time exciting and festive for the little ones!

There are only a few precautions you should take to get the most out of your silicone products:

  • Our funky silicone products for children are NOT suitable for the oven
  • Strongly colored food can set off on the silicone


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