Happy Home
- Everyday Magic for a Colourful Life

Our Founder & Creative Director, Charlotte, has made it her mission
to bring humor, more colors and more happiness to everyday life.

Colors are essential to me - I truly believe in the power of colors and my hope with Happy Home is to motivate you into making bold color choices… Just paint a wall - play with colors and live colorful lives.”

Happy Home is a visual celebration of colourful, comfortable and casual living. A beautiful demonstration of the RICE ethos, this book shows how its warm and caring, fun and funky aesthetic can be applied in your own home. It is brimming with practical advice and useful ideas that show how to transform rooms with minimum fuss, but maximum enjoyment. Living spaces, kitchens and dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, children's rooms and outdoor areas - all are given the RICE treatment.

Checklists give practical tips on everything from transforming your kitchen to brilliant ideas for storage. Happy Home Makes are fast and fun to do, and will bring a real sense of personality to your home - including door decorations, adding fabric trims and motifs to lampshades and stools and some novel and quirky ideas for table settings. You will be inspired to experiment with colour and pattern on many different scales all around your home.

Danish design is not all about cool and calm interiors. RICE style is about fun, colour, pattern and the enjoyment of informal living. The book features RICE style applied to a variety of homes, from a contemporary Copenhagen apartment to a simple country retreat, a comfortable family home to an ultra modern studio space.

Happy Home: Everyday Magic For A Colourful Home by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau is published by Jacqui Small. The books foreword is by the American best selling author, freelance journalist and interiors stylist Holly Becker who is author of Decorate and founder of the interior blog decor8blog.com.


Happy Home Outside
- Everyday Magic for Outdoor Life

Take a seat… grab a chair… let’s have a cup of tea, relax and get inspired!

Charlotte Gueniau, the founder and Creative director of RICE, takes the magic outside in her book “Happy Home Outside - Everyday magic for outdoor life”.

The new book is Charlotte’s fifth book altogether… With “Happy Home Outside” Charlotte brings humor, more colors and more happiness to everyday outdoor life by showing how outdoor spaces can offer a change in pace from the humdrum of day-to-day life…

“Outdoor spaces are an opportunity to reconnect with oneself and those around us! Charlotte shows how sharing special moments outdoors goes well beyond simply eating and drinking… Whether it’s engaging in sport activities, hosting a movie night or making pizza from scratch, Charlotte’s simple yet imaginative ideas within these pages left me inspired to spend more time outdoors with those I love” (Foreword by Will Taylor – www.brightbazaarblog.com)

“Happy Home Outside” by Charlotte Gueniau is published by Jacqui Small. The foreword is written by Will Taylor of www.brigtbazaarblog.som and author of Bright.Bazaar: Embracing Colour for Make-You-Smile Style.


Happy Home
- Everyday Magic for the Family Kitchen

Is there such a thing as colorful cooking? YES...  get ready to be inspired! Make everyday life easier and way more FUN with colorful cooking…

Charlotte Guéniau, the founder and Creative Director of RICE, is bringing her vibrant spirit and vivid colors into the kitchen. Her sixth book “Happy Home – Everyday Magic for the Family Kitchen” is all about making cooking an everyday event – and making it FUN.

The book features colorful, funky and straightforward recipes… Everything you need for some kitchen creativity! Charlotte urges you to spend time with your loved ones – and the kitchen is the perfect place to be! Do something different and invite your guests to a yellow evening, a pink night or a white dinner – you can even ask them to dress in a certain color. Eating yellow food, having yellow drinks and being surrounded by yellow outfits – these are Everyday Magic moments.
The book also includes 10 FUN DIY family activities fit for all ages, because there is always time to put the EXTRA into the ordinary when making Chicken Curry in a Hurry, Pink Sesame Potatoes or Funky Meatballs.

So grab a book and get inspired! Start having FUN with these easy peasy, delicious and colorful recipes!

“Happy Home - Everyday Magic for the Family Kitchen” by Charlotte Guéniau is published by La Martinére Group. The foreword is written by Paul Lowe, Founder and Editor in Chief of Sweet Paul Magazine.




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