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These cute soap bubbles are just fun and funky at the same time. Bubbles are just a great way to make both kids and adults smile... These ice cream-shaped soap bubbles come in three assorted colors - brown, pink and yellow - and will create everyday magic for every child. Great for a kid’s birthday party, for fun in the garden or at the beach - and just perfect as a little gift for the young ones.
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Soap bubbles will always be a safe bet both with kids and adults... And these cute ice-cream-shaped soap bubbles will for sure create smiles and laughter. They are all tested according to EU-regulations after EN71 part 1,2 and 3, so your only worry is to choose between the brown, pink or yellow version... Go for the fun! You can always find more information about our materials at "Experience RICE" and "Product Information" *Product description and product information are subject to errors and omissions.
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